the last photograph


I think that this is probably the last photograph ever to be taken with a Fuji Fotorama Slimace camera, anywhere in the world. The film was discontinued in June 2010, but I kept a few packs in the fridge. Instant film never ages well, so I thought I’d better use it now rather than leave it too long and let it die.

It’s not all bad. These films had a very different feel to the Polaroid equivalents, and that has been carried over to the Instax series. You can never second guess Fujifilm, of course, as they are liable to slaughter a well-loved film without notice. However it does appear that, in Japan certainly, the Instax Mini is being pushed pretty hard. You can pick up a pack of film next to the disposable cameras in just about any convenience store here.

What is sad is that the camera I found in the back of a cupboard at my Mother-in-Law’s house is now a brick. Easy come, easy go…..

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2 thoughts on “the last photograph

  1. For some reason I’ve always misread Slimace as “Slime Ace,” a camera that I’m very sad has at no point in history every been manufactured.

    This shot, however, is definitely aces.

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